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Storage sheds can be built if you do not have a provision in your house to store goods and other materials. These sheds can be of different shapes and size. There are number of storage shed plans available online. The raw materials required to build the storage shed can be purchased from the market. It is little difficult to construct the shed by yourself, you can get the help of your friend.

First you need to decide where to build a storage shed. The dimensions are measured. Prepare a blueprint so that it would be easy for you to build a storage shed. Choose the right kind of wood for your shed, such that it must withstand heavy rain and the hot sun. Construct the two side walls, the back wall and side wall. Do not forget to leave space for the doors and windows. Cover the walls using exterior siding sheets and attach the sheet to the walls using nails.

Next is to fix a roof for the shed. It is better to go for a flat roof. The roofs are nailed to the side walls. If you are going for a pointed roof, then you have to use two wooden boards, these boards will join at the center of the beam and will extend on either side of the walls. The Oriented strand board is nailed with the roof. Apply a suitable exterior grade primer on the outer of the sheets.

Then fix a Rain drip edge around the roof. Decide whether to fix a door, single or double, in the front of the shed. Then windows can be fixed with some attractive frames around them. After the construction is over, a primer of exterior grade and paint is applied on all the wooden surfaces. This will give protection to the wood from hot sun, rain and dust. You can also build shelves inside the shed according to your requirement.

Building a storage shed at any low lying area where water gets collected is not advisable. This will rot wood. Decide on how big you need your shed to be, based on the goods and materials need to be stored. Build the shed closer to your house, so that it would be easier for you to get the tools easily when needed.

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